Poetical and Critical Perspective

Historical and Biographical Introduction

Claudel and music

Le Ravissement de Scapin 

Joan of Arc at the stake

The Book of Christopher Columbus

On Language

The Mass There

Claudel and the Book

Claudel translator of the Psalms

Improvised Memoirs

The Story of Tobias and Sarah

Oratorios and Ballets

Reception of Claudel’s Work by Composers

Musical Collaborations

Reception of Claudel outside France

Work in prose

Exegetical Works

Claudel translator

An excerpt from one of Catholic poet Paul Claudel’s Five Great Odes, read by translator Jonathan Geltner.
Actrices japonaises - Rencontres de Brangues
Rencontres de Branges
Every year in June in Brangues, France: Theatrical performances, readings, round tables…